Only one cook in this kitchen

Introducing Oscar Butler, a consummate talent in the realm of music, blending soulful melodies with witty lyricism and expert acoustic guitar prowess. As a singer, songwriter, and delta-style guitarist, Oscar captivates audiences with his unique blend of charm and musical ingenuity. With a natural ease on stage, he effortlessly delivers his original compositions, infusing them with his often humorous take on life’s twists and turns. With his exceptional skill set and magnetic stage presence, Oscar is undoubtedly poised to enrapture audiences on whatever stage he may grace.

Gourmet Blues

Oscar Butler, acclaimed recipient of the 2023 New Mexico Music Award for his songwriting prowess, immerses himself so deeply in his creative kitchen that sleep becomes a rare commodity for days on end. His mastery lies in the seamless fusion of lyrics and melodies, elevating him to the esteemed rank of Chef de Blues Cuisine Maestro. When he takes the stage, he dishes out his musical creations with a straightforward yet irresistibly captivating flair, both audibly and visually. Good to the last bite!




The New Mexico Music Awards of 2023 marked a watershed moment for Oscar Butler, as he emerged victorious in the singer-songwriter category with his poignant composition, “A Mountain You Must Climb.” Despite it being his debut entry into the esteemed competition, Butler’s evocative song captivated both judges and audiences, securing him the coveted honor. “A Mountain You Must Climb” stands as a testament to Butler’s exceptional songwriting prowess, with its poignant lyrics and soulful melodies leaving an indelible impression on listeners. Butler’s win serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring musicians, underscoring the power of authenticity and raw talent in the fiercely competitive music industry. With this accolade propelling him forward, Butler is poised to carve out an enduring legacy in the singer-songwriter genre.

“We hired Oscar for the Cider Days festival in Lakewood CO. Oscar is an amazing performer who plays a great mix of original songs and covers. His songs are fun and bring smiles to everyone. He also has a great range from a blues sound to James Taylor folk. I highly recommend him!”
-Tom Quinn

“If you are needing a musician for your event, HIRE OSCAR!! He is fantastic, fun, beautiful voice, and kind heart! What more could you ask for!!”
–Shira Greenberg, Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts

“ALWAYS the best.
You can’t go wrong if you hire Oscar – such great tunes, good vibes, chill, happy music. His voice is outstanding, and he’s a breeze to work with! Couldn’t recommend him more.”
–Liz King, Dash Events

Oscar Butler – Chorus Of My Life
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Cool Duck Stuff Records
Release: 2023
Text: Peter Marinus
Warm, intimate, soulful…all key words that describe the new album by singer-songwriter Oscar Butler from Greenville, NY. This artist now lives in Albuquerque, NM, and has been active since 1998.

On his new album Oscar plays all instruments himself with the exception of harmonica contributions from Dr. Brandon Bentz and Noland Harmon .

In terms of style, Oscar Butler’s album is somewhere between blues and soul, but captured in a very intimate sound in every song.

The album opens with the intimately propulsive You Got Me . An acoustic blues song with soulful vocals in which Oscar describes his love in a special way as “you got me sweatin’ like a pig on a barbeque”…. Then True Work Of Art is a light, swinging, folky, blues song with a wonderfully sparkling sound. Woke Up This Morning sounds melancholy howling in a soulful bluersy swaying manner.

The howling pumping harmonica of Dr. Brandon Bentz from Salida, CO, is featured on the intimate soulful blues Busted Broken & Blue . He can also be heard in the pleasantly shuffling Just Say What You Mean . Noland Harmon’s harmonica is a guest in the sultry, grooving Uranus Fudge Factory . Chorus Of My Life is an intimate sparkling song followed by the bluesy, languidly grooving Life On My Street.

The lazy and relaxed sounding By The Time I Get To Where I Belong carefully moves towards the work of Keb’ Mo’.

In the closing I May Become A Star, Oscar Butler muses about the strings on his guitar and the music he grew up with.

Chorus Of My Life by Oscar Butler has become a wonderfully intimate bluesy album!




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