I decided to start my new year’s resolution (correction: COMMITMENT) a week ago. Once again I am committing myself to writing at least one new song each week. I started last week and the first song that I wrote and uploaded is called “A Hard Case Of You.” You can check it and this week’s song, “The Clock,” out in the MUSIC & VIDEOS section of my website.

Join Me!

I am inviting any and everyone who wants to try this to jump in with me. If you are interested in doing the SONG-A-WEEK commitment then send me a note on my website contact page. I would love to start a songwriter group. My goal is not to critique but to motivate. I speak to too many musicians who tell me they are blocked and haven’t written in so long, so I want to find out why and how I can help get the juices flowing. If you want to write, I want to get you writing first and foremost. THAT you write is the important thing, the WHAT and quality will come faster and better as you take the leap and dive in. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.