Put Another Log On the Fire!

Oh my gosh! I am on fire. Actually, that’s not really a surprise to me. I love songwriting. My songwriting process has become second nature. It excites me to talk about it because it hasn’t always been this way. I spent many, many years afraid that I had no talent when it came to songwriting.

My songwriting abilities have come from studying the basic foundations of songwriting from many sources, then putting what I know to regular practice. From the practice, it had become ingrained in my songwriting though process. The result for me has been carefree and relaxed songwriting of which the quality continues to improve.

I am about to record and upload my third new SONG-A-WEEK song. In case you don’t know, SONG-A-WEEK is a new year’s (I started a month early for 2018) commitment that I made to write, record, and upload a new song each week. If you want can go to my Music & Videos section on my website and listen to the first two songs (If you are reading this at least a week after this post date, there will be more than two new songs).

I am going to be discussing my techniques to develop songs from idea to MP3.