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YOUR IDEA Anything can be a good song idea if the lyric is written well. The best idea is one that people can easily relate to. The idea presents an emotion that people feel, have felt, or want to feel. An idea that through the process of the lyric is remembered at the end. There are not many new ideas out there, at least ones that are worth writing about. What makes an idea genuine and unique is it’s view through your eyes, or from your perspective. How many songs have been written about falling in love, and how many

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Before I became the prolific songwriting monster that I am today, there was one main thing that heaped log after log onto my writer’s block bonfire. That fire never was put out until I took control of this one thing in my songwriting process. Once I took control of this one thing, it extinguished my writer’s block fire forever! How many books and articles have you seen claiming that they are going to teach you how to write a “hit” song. I’ve seen bunches of them. And for the longest time, I fell into that songwriting trap, and for the

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