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Who the heck is Oscar Butler?

Oscar Butler was born in New York City then raised from the age of 3 in Orange County, NY. Oscar began playing guitar at the age of 9. He played his first live competition at the age of twelve at a local county fair. The following year he won a talent show at the school he was attending in Goshen, NY.

About eighteen months after his high school graduation he attended the State University of New York College at Cortland, NY, where he studied music theory with a concentration on performance but became discouraged at “true” talent that he felt he lacked. Because of this he dropped music as his major and switched to computer science focusing on programming. He put his guitar and dreams down. But they wouldn’t stay down for very long.

Six years later and married Oscar “the musician” resurfaced in Boston, Massachusetts as a busker. It was on those streets, markets and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority subway platforms that Oscar began honing and perfecting his musical and performance skills. Surrounded by students of one of the finest schools in contemporary music, Berklee College of Music, Oscar had to believe in himself and in his abilities as a musician.

He overcame his fears and doubts about his talent because of the responses that he received from captivated listeners. Oscar was also sought out by a reporter to be included in an article in the Boston Globe about subway performers. In 1990 Abigail Joy, Oscar’s first of three daughters was born, and not wanting to raise her in the city of Boston, packed the family up and moved to Albuquerque, NM where over the years he has built a large fan base from performing in restaurants, bars, private parties, and festivals.


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